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Accent - idea to MVP

Anytime I needed to clear my head, I would paint with acrylic colors. Playing with colors would help me focus. I would use the same canvas, over and over again, just to combine and contrast different colors against each other. Next time I would start over again on the same canvas.

sometimes I would paint while thinking about a word. For instance, resilience could be red: the pain one endures to overcome obstacles. It can also be green when resilience leads to empowerment and leaves one content.

Although I usually enjoyed painting and making a mess of colors in my spare time, I could also enjoy digital art. I could come up with multiple ideas for a Datanota product:

  1. choose one color and try all different shades, tone and tint of that same color to build a mood-board.

  2. to create mood-of-the-day by choosing a word. which colors would represent that word the best? choose and create until colors fit the word perfectly.

I decided to start with a simple MVP version and see how it goes.

Visit Bitbucket to clone the code:

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